Friday, 17th June 2011

21st November - P&P Gift vouchers. 👏👊👍😍 http://t.co/jcvoirClJi
21st November - who's coming out to play?? BELOW OPEN THIS FRIDAY 21st NOVEMBER 7:30pm - 12:00am - http://t.co/FtMjJujS7o
17th November - BELOW this Friday 21st Nov.7:30-12:00am.Guest Dj's for Password email:below@pelicansandparrots.com… http://t.co/pKRMPCzwuY
16th November - customer…."this music is great, is it rap??"…customers friend…"its Massive Attack,fuck off"!…Me wish i was customers friend! 😆
13th November - Why I'm Closing Brick Lane's Vibe Bar: http://t.co/Sg48QAwpZp ..very sad and very true! :( #Dalston
10th November - We've got some Beautiful angle poise lamps & industrial chairs in at the mo. #pelicansandparrotsBlackhttp://t.co/AmuAQGWIzU
5th November - Birthday boy @JonesSons in his rather nice new gaff @TripSpaceLondon 😆😆 http://t.co/JdqnZxKhJd
2nd November - Good luck to my mate Andy @JonesSons in his new restaurant @TripSpaceLondon looks blooming wonderful!!
30th October - currently looking for bar staff for tomorrow night! please get in contact if you're interested. X

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