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Mick Taylor
Sunday, 24th February 2013

If  you've ever been to Brick Lane I'm sure you must have seen Mick Taylor. In his own words "when I was seven years old, I came down with my grandmother to buy Italian shoes in Cheshire St for two pounds, two shillings and sixpence – pointed black shoes with Cuban heels. I already knew what I wanted at seven years old – you’re born with it, your style.” Click here for the full post.

14th November - For all of you that don't believe in love....you're WRONG! 😍#vintagegucci #dalston… https://t.co/YBrkaV1BRR
12th November - Fully stocked, neon lit and tropical as always! 💡🌴🌵⚡️ @ Pelicans & Parrots https://t.co/CCwtmNZ2Px
10th October - https://t.co/30b2GrYBzo
2nd October - https://t.co/USX4HgdC8R
2nd October - Just posted a photo https://t.co/mh0pji0iUh
26th September - Currently looking for a quick witted patient and smart son (or daughter) of a gun to work for us! P/T please get in touch.
18th September - NEW STOCK! Rare #Fendi Body and top. 🔥#dalston #pelicansandparrots #vintagelondon https://t.co/wf5kIBj664
17th September - We've got some beautiful pieces instore today! 😍#stellamccartney #dalston #pelicansandparrots @… https://t.co/8G4mkzBsGt
22nd August - Vintage #space skirt available in store. 🌑🌕🌗#lunareclipse #eclipse2017 #nasa #lovespace #dalston… https://t.co/3meE8Ejf6s
5th August - We're not going to let the rain stop us! Focusing all are energy on the #tropics with this table… https://t.co/92tY45Yh5X

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